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I cannot say enough good things about these people. They have cremated my pets, and family. They’re kind and considerate and really help you through the hardest days of your life. Their pricing is very reasonable as well. I never have walked away from there feeling exploited and overcharged.

AJ Springfield
March 1, 2024

Just over a week ago, I had to help my best friend and travel companion cross the Rainbow Bridge. Devastated doesn't begin to describe the feelings of loss and sorrow. Hillary and the amazing team at All Pets had my buddy back to me in under 24 hours. They were so kind and answered all of my questions. They provided me with comfort and care that is undervalued in my darkest times. My wish would be that nobody has to use this service, but if you find yourself sad and lost, All Pets will give you hope and comfort you in your grief.

Brian Larson
November 6, 2023

On September 1st, 2030 me and my family had a house fire and unfortunately all 3 of our fur babies were in the house. ALL PETS got us right in and helped us through this rough time. I didn't get the guys name but he gave me all the time that I needed with with fur baby. Thankyou again for all you have done and is doing to take care of my babies.

September 3, 2023

As a Registered Veterinary Technician I walk owners through the process of death on an almost daily basis. I help bring comfort and peace but when it comes to my own pet I’m an emotional mess.
November 14th-16th was horrible. My boxer boy Roofus collapsed on me while getting ready for work. He came into work with me and was diagnosed with a splenic tumor that had metastasized to his liver. Treatment options we discussed but in the end he came home with me to say goodbye to everyone.
Wednesday November 16th I gave my boy the hardest gift I could give him. He passed away peacefully in my arms knowing that I was there and that he was loved.
All pets cremation was (used them twice in the past) contacted and they let me bring him to them. They helped unload him from the car and let me sit with him for awhile. They’ve always treated my pets and I like family. Roofus was delivered back to me the next day.
Highly recommend them to family, friends and to those at work who have to make the difficult decision to let their beloved pet go. Thank you All Pets Cremation for all that you do.

Katrina Tichnell
April 17, 2023

This evening I got a phone call from my mother who was completely crushed, our oldest dog Nicko, had passed away. While she has two other dogs at home with her, she was unsure what to do with Nicko. After calling family we were pointed to All Pets. They were there within a half an hour of us calling and arranging the pickup. Sawyer was super helpful and accommodating for how we were feeling. They had even waited for me to get there from work to say my goodbyes before they took her. I can never thank them enough for that. Before leaving we were told they we would hear from them tomorrow by noon for pick up for Nicko. I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to help my family in our time of grief.

March 27, 2023

The staff at All Pets Cremation were kind and helpful with the arrangements for my beloved Trixie. They explained the process to me and were wonderfully patient in helping me to pick out an urn. I truly believe that they offered a valuable service during my hour of need. Thank you all!

Rebecca Hiteshew
December 27, 2022

Today was one of the hardest times of my life. I had to have my furbaby of 16 years put to sleep. The vets office contacted All Pets, they went and picked Oreo up. They were so very compassionate and understanding . They presented me his ashes in an adorable urn, along with his nose and paw print. I would recommend them to anyone!!

Sara Murphy
October 3, 2022

All Pets Cremation was so accommodating and the service I received was amazing. They provided a quick turnaround because they knew how important it was for me to have my baby back with me. They were very understanding and did everything possible to make the process as easy as possible in my time of grief. I recommend them to everyone and will use them in the future when that need arises. Thank you all for being so caring. You went above and beyond.

Caitlyn Davis
September 19, 2022

From start to finish, we were treated with such kindness and compassion. After a mix up with our telephone number and being unable to reach my husband because he was working, Hillary delivered our Marley's to us within 24 hrs. Service like that is unheard of these days. Thank you for making such a terrible time in our lives just a little easier.

Benny & Lori Hindman
June 17, 2022

The staff showed a lot of sympathy to my family while handling the arrangements of my dog.

Patricia Amsler
May 19, 2022

Sorry the last two testimonials had the wrong name.
Hilary made our experience at All Pets easy and compassionate. She felt what we felt and understood exactly what we were going through. The overall process was smooth, heartfelt, and in the end helped me and my family with starting the closure process. Mocha and my family were treated as if we were part of the All Pet family members and not just a business transaction. We will definitely be bringing our pets here in the future. Hopefully, not in the near future though.

William Goff III
May 6, 2022

Heather made our experience at All Pets easy and compassionate. She felt what we felt and understood exactly what we were going through. The overall process was smooth, heartfelt, and in the end helped me and my family with starting the closure process. Mocha and my family were treated as if we were part of the All Pet family members and not just a business transaction. We will definitely be bringing our pets here in the future. Hopefully, not in the near future though.

William Goff III
May 6, 2022

All pets was they best hands down place to bring my Service Dog Mocha when she passed. The genuinely cared and knew exactly what I was going through and how hard it was. They walked me through the entire process. It was like Mocha and my family was apart of their family. Start to finish they were the best. I will definitely be bringing my pets here in the future. Just hopefully, not in the near future.

William Goff
May 6, 2022

My family and I had to put our sweet dog Aubrey to sleep last week. We came to All Pets because we wanted her to be with us for the rest of our lives. Hilary, Becky and Arthur are absolutely amazing! They made my husband and I laugh and take the pain away from losing our beloved dog. We received the remains of Aubrey today and they exceeded our expectations. You all will never know how much love I felt in my heart. Thank you all for everything you have done.

Michelle McIe
November 15, 2021

We we heartbroken when out beloved Golden passed away. I didn't really know what to expect when I called, but the entire staff was kind, respectful, sympathetic and understanding of what we were going through. As difficult as this time was they helped us get through it.

September 12, 2021

In January 2021 I had to call on the good folks at All Pets again. Paige, my granddaugher, beloved pit bull Chole was hit by a vehicle and passed. All of us were so upset but Paige was out of her mind with grief,. They were so wonderful and caring when taking care of my Buttercup even sending me a card on the 1yr. anniversary. I immediately call All Pets even though it was late at night. They didn't hesitate and said to bring Chole to them tonight. Paige took her and got to spend some alone time with her. I can never thank them enough for the wonderful work they do. God Bless all of you!

Roberta Fisher
September 7, 2021

Harley was such a special part of my family and I trusted All Pets to help me through the grieving process. Everyone was so kind and understanding even when I was unable to speak due to emotion. I cannot express how well I or Harley were treated enough. I will always be thankful for their help and for caring for Harley in such a kind way.

Megan P.
June 9, 2021

The day I contacted All Pets my emotions and anxiety were over flowing. When Hillary answered the phone and began answering my questions, I immediately started calming down and my soul was soothed by her gentle voice and the kindness that just flowed through the phone. She explained everything and I knew we had made the right decision by choosing to have him cremated. When the day came that July was taken for his final ride to the vet’s office, it was devastating. All Pets picked him up that evening and Hillary called the next morning to say he was ready. When we got there to pick him up I was greeted by a very sweet girl that presented me with July’s bag. (Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet and thank Hillary in person.) He is in a very pretty tin urn and they did a paw print in clay, and a paw and nose print on paper. They are precious! I can’t thank all of them enough for the kindness they extended to me during this difficult time. This is definitely the place you want to turn to when the time comes to send your fur-baby to the Rainbow Bridge and you want them cremated.

Sheliy Bennett
January 5, 2021

The reason why I used All Pets Cremation

Almost 22 years ago a beautiful woman told me I got your son a Christmas from my heart, and if any problems I can take it back,thats when she came in with this beautiful black puppy.Since she was staying for the weekend Raven had to as well,and made it a point this was her new home,and didn't do those bad dog things.
As time went on she became a very big part of the family and loved give everyone her love.She love to run around the farm,hunt small game, travel with us, has been on over half the beach's on the east coast,she fished the ocean,bays,and lakes.
When my son had to move out,he left her with me since this was ravens home and I need somebody to come home to. Any one that real knows me knows everyplace I go raven was with me.We did everything together, we would watch tv together she had her chair and I had my chair. One day we cut wood and she refuse to leave me to go hunting,and when watching tv she refuse to eat her dinner(part of my dinner)I took her to the vet and was told her days are number.
A lot of people claimed Queen Raven was a very spoil dog but I really feel that she spoiled us more so.
After divining pass All Pets, I read up on them and know this was the right place for raven.When asked about the 2 up to 4 hour drive to get her there, I just couldn't see take her to a vet and having them just put her in a freezer with a bunch of other pets,then have them throw her in the back of a pick up truck.,then when I get her back it may not be her.

When we show up at All Pets Cremation they was already there for us.They took us around the side where they had a small room where they laid raven out so we could kiss her and say our good byes.They took there time to make sure our wish's was the why we want them.
She was like a daughter to us and was very thankfully for everything the Staff did for us.

Edward Zuknick
October 14, 2020

We lost our beloved Shih tzu Murphy today. Hilary made everything as easy as possible with professionalism and kindness from picking up to doing everything I asked for. I would highly recommend All pets crematory and funeral home to anyone who loves their pet as much as I did. I knew I wanted cremation but didn't know who. We made the right choice.

Pam Moats
September 3, 2020

My dog Maxx was such a special part of our family. On the night he passed, a staff member came out after hours to meet us and treated us with the utmost respect. He honored our requests, and was very gentle with Maxx when he took him in. All pets have several very reasonable packages to choose from, and they made a wonderful shadow box with photos and mementos. I will contact them again when I need their service for other pets. Our pets are part of our family and will be treated as such from the staff at All Pets. God bless them.

Dana Hammitt
April 6, 2020

I was with my sister when we had make end of life choices for her precious golden retriever, Buster. After the vet administered the mediation at home, we made the call to All Pets. They arrived in a vehicle similar to a hearse. The gentleman was dressed in a shirt and tie and brought a gurney into the house. He made sure to give us our last few minutes before we loaded him up. He was covered in a sheet and a lovely velvet covering, and was rolled into the back of the car. Within a few days we were able to pick up his remains at the office. I can not implore the difference your services made in our grieving process. It felt like we were honoring Buster with the dignity he deserved by caring for his body in such a kind way.

January 10, 2018

They were very understanding and patient with me during this very difficult time. They got my precious dog back to me within a timely manner. I would recommend them to friends and family and would use them again.

December 21, 2017

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